UL (VA - Beyond The Red Planet)

by LuneCell



Full VA available here: omvedarecords.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-red-planet-compiled-by-back-to-mars

Mars has without doubt a solid grip on our imagination: a planet with a strong and fiery environment that holds a compelling attraction upon us, humans.
Compiled by Back to Mars especially for Omveda Records, Beyond The Red Planet showcases music with a similar fierce energy that the red planet radiates.
Powered by LuneCell, Gabaa, Aranyo, Weirdbass & Golem, Niria, Kontrol Z & Venus and Braindrop, this new VA is a journey into 9 tracks that represent night Psytrance at it’s most powerful and yet subtle varieties: Deep, atmospheric, spacey and groovy psychedelic.

Artwork by: www.behance.net/jompi


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved



Exploring the obscure sub genres of electronic psychedelia - "morning forest", "forest progressive", "psychedelic drum & bass" with a heavy emphasis on psychedelic. Fractaltribe (crew/organization) & Occulta records are my main points of contact in sharing these frequencies.
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