The Firekeeper (VA - Quintessence)

by LuneCell



Quintessence, known as the "Fifth Element" or Aether, coming after Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. In Physics, Quintessence is defined as "a hypothetical form of dark energy; postulated to explain the accelerating universe." Remaining open, we accumulate the four elements around us: water nourishes and gives life to our emotions, we are grounded into the ever introspecting earth, air clears static and lifts our spirits, and fire fuels the creations within our souls- and within our souls comes the void complex of the unseen moving force of the universe innately running through everything. As we go inside of ourselves to feel the rising of enlightened knowledge, the power we can harness to create in each moment is the same energy that runs through all in this universe. This carefully selected group of artists for this album have manifested highly defined psychedelic sound in it's purest form- Quintessential Resonance.

Full release available here:

Compiled by Kloud Nin9.
Artwork by Crystalotus.
Mastering by Anti-Logic, Berlin.


released July 1, 2014



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Exploring the obscure sub genres of electronic psychedelia - "morning forest", "forest progressive", "psychedelic drum & bass" with a heavy emphasis on psychedelic. Fractaltribe (crew/organization) & Occulta records are my main points of contact in sharing these frequencies.
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